February 21, 2009

Pakistan and Taliban agree to ceasefire in Swat Valley

Per CNN, Pakistan and the Taliban have agreed to a 10-day truce in the Swat Valley. Swat Taliban Commander, Maulana Fazlullah said once the 10 days expire, the Taliban will reconvene to decide whether or not to extend it, according to the article. Earlier this week, the Pakistani government agreed to allow the Taliban to implement Sharia Law in the Swat Valley.

Here are the latest twitterings:

@soheezy (Houston, Texas): is deeply saddened by the taliban now controlling northwest Pakistan

@mommadona: Taliban gets save haven in Pakistan...Ladies? http://www.rawa.org/rules.htm

@wvreport (Federal Way, Wash.): Does a truce between Pakistan and the Taliban threaten women's rights? ... http://tr.im/sharia

@beinghuman (Finland): One Law For All - No Sharia @ http://atheistnews.blogs.fi

In the last few days, Pakistanis have been tweeting about the implications of Sharia Law in the Swat Valley.

@sidrahhaque (Lahore, Pakistan): gosh, the swat situation is just honestly breaking my heart.. this is the first time i'm beginning to think we're going to lose this "war"..

@AliRivzi (Lahore, Pakistan): Taliban will take over all of Pakistan very soon.

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