February 2, 2009

Minor quake shakes New Jersey

Per the Post Chronicle, New Jersey experienced a minor earthquake tonight at 10:35 p.m. EST. The quake had a magnitude of about 3.0 per the report.

Here are some of the first tweets from the affected area.

@__Deb (New Jersey): Okay, we just either had a small earthquake or there was a big explosion somewhere nearby

@rdy2freefall (Mendham, N.J.): Omg did anyone else feel that? Legit I think there was just a mini earthquake in jersey!

One New Jersey resident, @devyanks90 did not think earthquake at first.

@devyanks90 (Dover, N.J.): gas line explosion somewhere in town. the house shook pretty badly

He soon corrected himself.

@devyanks90 (Dover, N.J.): no gas line explosion. only a minor earthquake (2.9-3.5) this might be a first for new jersey

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