February 15, 2009

Israeli athlete denied visa for Dubai Tournament

Per the Jerusalem Post, "Israeli tennis star Shahar Pe'er has been denied a visa for this week's WTA tournament in Dubai, United Arab Emirates."

A man in the UAE seemed confused by the news.

@tomsp (Abu Dhabi, UAE): If Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer can play in Qatar, I don;t really see why she can;t play in the UAE http://tinyurl.com/acj9j7

The news sparked reaction from other parts of the world.

@Yael_80 (Glasgow, Scotland): I really can't believe that 46% of people polled on cnn.com believe the UAE had a right to refuse an entry visa for Shahar Peer. WTF.

@magzalez (Gainesville, Fla.): UUGGH, can't believe the UAE denied Shahar Peer (Israeli female tennis player) a visa to play in Dubai this week! WTA needs to take action.

@PDMojo (St. Louis, Mo.): Weak, WTA. Very weak. Clearly the reason they didn't cancel is because Dubai is rolling in cash. If this were Serena, story would be huge.

@JodiEchakowitz (Toronto, Canada): UAE denied a visa to an Israeli tennis player. Someone needs a good lesson on separating church (sports) from state (politics).

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