February 10, 2009

Israel Election Day

Per CNN, Israelis are heading to the polls today, despite bad weather. The general election will see a new Prime Minister brought to office and potentially a new direction for Israeli politics.

The BBC website reports that turn out is up despite poor weather and voter apathy. The BBC also has an innovative feature tracking election comment from their own reporters as well blogs in the Israeli media. Their coverage is rounded out by this feature which solicits comments from Israeli voters about their election day experiences.

@JerusalemPost is tweeting election headlines. The website has full coverage & analysis of today's voting.

@musicpeace (Galilee, Israel) sitting with a kitty on my lap. Going to a meeting and then to vote. It's election day in Israel. I am voting GREEN.

@ezrabutler (Jerusalem) twitpic.om/1f4oo - just walked a half hour to do my civic duty

@PiTZiK (Tel Aviv, Israel) מימשתי את זכותי הדמוקרטית! (Served the democratic right)

@jaymrosen (Jerusalem) Pouring rain, gale winds, and Election Day. Couldn't have asked for more.

@handmadeisrael (Modi'in, Israel) has been to vote and has had a nice, work-free day with friends.

@RoyKlein (Israel) 34 political parties in Israel. Seems like a bit too much Democracy. #elections

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