April 23, 2009

Suicide bombers rock Iraq

Per Al Jazeera, Iraqi police claim that in two separate sites, Baghdad and Diyala at least 73 people have been killed during two isolated suicide attacks in Iraq.

The Baghdad bombing claimed 28 people's lives, while the Diyala explosion targeted Iranian pilgrims north of the Iraqi capital, leaving 45 dead.

Approximately 50 people were wounded and at least five children were among the dead, according to Iraqi police reports, per Al Jazeera.

Twitter users speak out about the day's horrific events:

  1. David Hartin
    @DomeGoat (United States) @BreakingNews If I'm reading all the updates right, suicide bombings seem to be on the rise in Iraq
  2. Georges Azzi
    @azzi (Beirut, Lebanon)@octavianasrCNN why all this violence iraq today?? Is this day something specific and coordinated or is it just random violence
  3. Wayne Warren
    @CitizenWayne (Washington, US) Leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq is arrested, but the media focus is on the bombings? Success is not interesting news? http://tinyurl.com/cxe39t
  4. artracejr
    @yourstuffstores (Texas, US) cnn.com Bombings kill more than 70 in Iraq ,BUT THERE IS NO war or TERRa
  5. JaneAnne Duddleston
    @JDudd (Mississippi, US) I just saw that dozens were killed in Iraq by suicide attacks. This makes me wonder if my brother is okay. Haven't heard from him in a month
  6. americankestrel
    @americankestrel (Undisclosed) How will this be ignored?: Two terrorist incidents in Iraq left almost 200 people dead or injured, including Ira.. http://tinyurl.com/cydgeb

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