April 2, 2009

G20: deals and demonstrations

Per BBC News, leaders from the G20 nations have agreed on a new one trillion dollar package to tackle the global financial crisis at their meeting in London.

Meanwhile, Britain's Sky News reports on ongoing violence as protests against the G20 continue.

Here's how Twitterers reacted to the initial news of the trillion dollar deal:

  1. Alex Morris
    alexjamesmorris sSo the G20 are dishing out a cool trillion. Kind of an arbitrary figure until you see this http://bit.ly/cxVls
  2. kirstywiseman
    kirstywiseman so - the G20 have injected 1 trillion squids into TMF. That will go nowhere & we will all still be skint. Im the height of happiness 2 day
  3. joysamcyborg
    joysamcyborg US to the world at the G20 summit :"If they don't have bread, let them eat cake!!"
  4. Gaby Mahlberg
    TheHistoryWoman G20 leaders have agreed on stricter regulations for hedge funds and tax havens.

Meanwhile, protests have continued in London's financial district, with clashes at times erupting between police and demonstrators:

  1. Alok Jha
    alokjha Exchange sq largely empty now except for sit-in by around 20 pple, closely circled by police #g20
  2. Darren Marlow
    Snufkin21 Police tighten cordon as protester anger mounts. Insults traded. Senior officer tells unmasked woman activist to take her mask off.G20 LOL
  3. John Wilson
    johndwilson #g20 I found the police dogs were very persuasive when I was asked to move back inside 135 bishopsgate
  4. Colin Wills
    wineteach Might see #G20 action after all. After two days of nothing Broadgate shutters have suddenly come down, police are swarming, traffic stopped.

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