February 1, 2009

Volcano erupts in Japan

Per AFP, Mount Asama erupted 150 kilometres (95 miles) northwest of Tokyo on Monday morning, though white smoke and ash from the eruption landed as far as the capital. The volcano also erupted in August last year; there were "no immediate reports" of injuries or damage, according to AFP.

@jlist and @Blacker appear to have offered the first tweets on the event.

@jlist (Numata, Japan): WOAH. Mt. Asama, pretty much the biggest volcano around here, has erupted. http://images3.jlist.com/g1/mtn.jpg

@Blacker (Kobe, Japan): 噴火レベルは3らしい、半径4km以内に噴石が振ってくるレベル:http://tenki.jp/volcano/entry-380.html(Level 3 eruption likely, 4km radius level shake up within ash deposits: http://tenki.jp/volcano/entry-380.html)

A few hours later, @shita reported ash falling from the event nearly 100 miles away in Yokohama.

@shita (Yokohama, Japan): ash from a volcano. Asama-mountain is far from 100 mile away from here, though. Amazing.

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